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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Samsung F210 and F200 New Music Phones

Music telephones are becoming a popular option for consumers not wishing to transport with them more than than 1 device whilst out and about, with mobile telephones offering ever increasing memory and updated music software system system there is now storage space on a par with top standalone MP3 Players such as as the iPods to salvage adequate paths and playlists to maintain most music partisans satisfied.

Samsung Mobile River released a new music telephone that took this one measure additional with the Samsung X830, the telephone was designed very much with an MP3 participant in head and because of its size and dimensions was able to be worn around the cervix on a laniard devising it easier to have on earpieces rather than concealed in an interior pocket.

Following on from the X830, the maker have now released two upgraded versions with a better photographic photographic camera resolution, updated music software and an expanded characteristic set, these new devices are portion of the new F-Series of Samsung telephones and share the same powder compact designing as the X830 in that they too can be worn around the neck.

The two new French telephones are the Samsung F200 and Samsung F210 music phones.

Both theoretical accounts have the alone swivel actions of the X830, whereas the user simply skids the underneath of the telephone around 180 grades to uncover the computer keyboard and effectively duplicates the length of the telephone so the distance between the talker and the mike are a perfect tantrum to the face.

The F200 is the budget version not offering a camera and with a littler internal memory it concentrates purely on music, names and text. The Samsung F210 is a far more than interesting device that offerings a 2.0 megapixel photographic camera compared to the 1.3 megapixel of the X830 as well as a very healthy internal memory of 1GB that tin be expanded additional with the usage of MicroSD memory cards. The F210 is very slightly bigger than the original X830 simply to suit the other characteristics and specification but only weighs 2g more than at just 76g so volition not be uncomfortable when worn around the neck.

The outside of the telephone is finished in a visible light Grey black lead coloring material and offerings a metallic jog dial that gives entree to the music player, phone book and bill of fare mathematical functions when the French telephone is closed.

Other F210 characteristics include TriBand frequence for planetary roaming, Bluetooth engineering for radiocommunication connexions to compatible devices for information transportation and hands-free conversation, incorporate music participant with the option to make playlists and an frequency modulation radio for keeping updated with local and national news and weather condition studies as well as enjoying a new tune.

The built-in photographic photographic camera have zoom along mathematical function and flash and is capable of picture recording and playback all of which can be stored on the ample internal memory before sharing via Bluetooth or sending via textual matter message or even downloaded to a personal computer using a cable.

The F210 also offers a big TFT 1.5 inch show screen, ideal for screening photographs and picture cartridge holders captured with the camera.

Users of the X830 will welcome these new F-Series improvers to Samsung's merchandise portfolio especially with the bigger memory, better camera and upgraded characteristics of the F210.

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