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Monday, September 10, 2007

Samsung U600 - Stylish Yet Powerful

Just when you believe that Samsung got their thinnest French telephone out, it come ups ready to demo yet another. And this clip the 1 that touts of being the world's slimmest mobile telephone is the - Samsung U600. The French telephone that come ups under the Ultra Edition II, is only 10.9 millimeter in size, yet surprisingly pulls off to spasm a comprehensive scope of progress characteristics into it. Better still, these characteristics are actually usable.

Feature wise, the Samsung U600 is quite nice as well. It withholds within the powerfulness of 3.2 military policeman camera, located at the rear. Apart from the pel count, what do the photographic camera really impressive is its versatility and usability. The photographic camera supplies enough command for redaction and setting, which include a macro instruction mode, and the ability to change ISO settings. But what Mars the temper a small is that the photographic camera misses Xenon flash, and the weak light-emitting diode photograph visible light makes not really do an impression. Similarly, though the French telephone have been endowed with autofocus, the velocity is so slow that it do annoyance while capturing moving objects.

For dainty of beat generation and ecstasy, the Samsung U600 come ups with an impacting Mp3 music player. The sound is impressive (thanks to the digital powerfulness amp, developed specifically for Samsung by Knock & Olufsen), and the interface is as first-class as that of Sony Ericsson's Walkman Series. For easy navigation, it offers Quick personal computer Sync software. Further, the 60 megabyte of internal memory (with support up to 2 gilbert of external storage) guarantees that all further paths can be easily stored. The lone dissatisfactory factor in the Samsung U600's musical art is, the device misses a 3.5mm earphone jack.

The Samsung U600 come ups with a quadruplet set GSM connectivity, but makes not offer 3G. It makes supply a web browser, but the slow GPRS speed, kills the browsing dependence in you. Connectivity also come ups with personal computer via USB for synchronisation. One can sync things like drama list, mentality contacts etc. One impressive characteristic about Samsung U600 is it can as well be able to shift mass media data files between personal computer and phone. One can also utilize it to hive away data files of any type. For societal buffs, and concern users, the Samsung U600 come ups with an advanced feature. It can scan concern card images and shop the information for future use.

Samsung U600 is also extremely stylish. It come ups in many colors such as as: Black, sapphire blue, garnet red, Cu gold and Pt metal.

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